Business Development

A hand holding a ball with a graph on itThe strategic alignment of supply and demand is crucial for any business activity. For the WIB, demand is expressed as the specific needs of businesses related to the workforce. The supply element is the portfolio of human capital, both in quality and availability of workforce assets needed to fuel economic growth for businesses throughout the region. Within the WIB’s Business Development strategy and three categories with objectives: Business Workforce Growth, Business Diagnostics/Troubleshooting, and Business Workforce Market Research.

Impact in business development is accomplished through the delivery of demand-driven business solutions in the realm of direct services to individual businesses and regionally through strategic partnerships with economic development organizations and decision-level educators.

Strategies and Objectives for Business Development

  1. Business Workforce Growth:  Recruitment, assessment, training, and retention of skilled workers
    • A. Deliver high-quality services to business/employer customers through Job Center system
    • B. SectorReady partnership recruitment and implementation for employers
    • C. Sustain efforts of Regional Business Services Roundtable (BSR) of workforce system partners to strive for efficiency and effectiveness in delivering employer services
  2. Business Diagnostics/Troubleshooting:  Layoff aversion and job loss prevention
    • A. Utilize BSR Network and economic development partners to identify employers in need of workforce assistance
    • B. Assess employer needs and deliver relevant services
    • C. Deploy Employment Transition Team to assist those affected by layoffs and closures
  3. Business Workforce Market Research:  Decision support and analysis of regional labor market
    • A. Conduct routine surveys of employer satisfaction and potential barriers/issues
    • B. Sustain and deploy value-added labor market resources that guide investments and strategies for employers and community leaders
    • C. Generate content to inform customers, stakeholders, and news media of workforce market trends and relevant products/services

Workforce Innovation through SectorReady

The SectorReady™ framework strengthens the region’s workforce through:

  • Career pathways to expand recruitment and job advancement of students and transitioning adults
  • Entry-level and intermediate credentials to certify high-demand skills
  • Innovative training with a high-impact, high-volume, and lower-cost approach

Visit SectorReady online to learn more about how SectorReady™ can help employers, educators, and community leaders to strengthen the region’s workforce and economic vitality.  Contact Sherri Rhuems at the WIB for more info.