The prime mission of Southwest Missouri’s Workforce Investment Board (WIB) is to enrich the region’s economy by preparing businesses and the workforce for global competitiveness. We’re a progressive workforce intermediary that leverages resources to increase the value of the region’s human capital portfolio (the workforce) to fuel economic momentum.  At its basic level, workforce development is the alignment of supply and demand.  Supply is the skill and availability of the workforce.  The demand side is the employers’ need to deploy the workforce efficiently.

Guiding principles that support our mission are engagement, innovation, leadership, accountability, and focus. The WIB’s official strategic plan further defines those principles in order to execute the resources and translate our goals into action for regional prosperity.

The mission statement of the WIB is easily translated into three areas of strategic focus: Business Development, Talent Development, and Regional Development.  The WIB offers an array of products and services delivered as solutions for businesses, enhancements of the workforce, and economic development for the region. Services come in the form of project initiatives, such as Certified Work Ready Communities and SectorReady as well as day-to-day services.