Questions from Nick Myers CPA: (WIB Answers are in ITALICS)

For WIB’s last two years, please provide me with the WIB documents as follows:

FYE 6/30/18 and FYE 6/30/17 Single Audit Reports and related schedules have been added to the WIB’s website which addresses items 1-6 and 9.

  1. Single Audit reports and related financial statements, notes to the financial statements, schedule of findings and questioned costs, schedule of expenditures of federal awards and any other included schedules.
  2. Report on Internal Control Over Financial Reporting and on Compliance and Other Matters Based on an Audit of Financial Statements Performed in Accordance with Government Auditing Standards
  3. Report on Compliance for Each Major Federal Program and Report on Internal Control Over Compliance Required by the Uniform Guidance
  4. Summary Schedule of Prior Audit Findings
  5. Communication to those charged with governance
  6. Corrective action plan
  7. form SF-SAC
  8. form 990 and attachments. FYE 6/31/18 Form 990 has been added to WIB’s website  FYE 6/30/18 Form 990
  9. Any communication of reportable conditions.

The amount of the professional fees for the above for the last two years.  Fees were $20646.18 for FYE 6/30/18.  Fees were $19,700 for FYE 6/30/17.

Number of hours and personell (sic) that audit staff was present at the WIB for field work.  The field work portion of the latest FYE 6/30/18 audit was performed over 3-4 days by 3 staff members of the CPA firm

The reason that WIB is seeking an Rfp.  State regulations/guidelines that require bidding procedures for services in excess of $25,000.  Audit costs are in the vicinity of this amount

Will the last audit firm be submitting an Rfp?  Unknown.  RFP is being requested from any CPA firm interested in providing the services required in the RFP.