Regional Leadership

Mapping our strengths, seizing opportunity.Thousands of residents and millions of dollars move back and forth across the state lines of the Four-State region annually for work, shopping, healthcare, recreation, and more.  The WIB maps the region’s competitiveness and pinpoints challenges that need solutions.

The SectorReady™ framework strengthens the region’s workforce through:

  • Career pathways to expand recruitment and job advancement of students and transitioning adults
  • Entry-level and intermediate credentials to certify high-demand skills
  • Innovative training with a high-impact, high-volume, and lower-cost approach

Visit SectorReady online to learn more about how SectorReady™ can help employers, educators, and community leaders to strengthen the region’s workforce and economic vitality.  Contact Sherri Rhuems at the WIB for more info.

The WIB builds coalitions of businesses in targeted, high-growth sectors for a strong workforce and design pathways to train and advance local workers to grow in their careers and earning power.  This regional transformation effort unites our local communities to create the region of the future with global competitiveness and economic prosperity.

A great deal of momentum for the transformation effort comes from dynamic partnerships with Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development organizations throughout the region. Educators at all levels and community-based agencies help deliver valuable services in the strategic framework.