Two women holding colorful puzzle pieces put togetherMuch of the outputs of the WIB relate to the supply and demand components of the region’s workforce. The products and services offered by the WIB enhance its overall mission of enhancing the region’s economy by preparing businesses and the workforce for global competitiveness.  Services from the WIB and its network are innovative and value-added.  Most services are pre-paid by grants at the WIB and made available at no charge to eligible customers.  Other services charge a modest fee and are often not available from other sources locally.

Download our WIB Prospectus with Services and Strategy Info (PDF)

  • Economic Development:  Initiatives that help communities grow into healthy local economies such as incentives for business retention, expansion, and attraction
  • Business Solutions Center:  Comprehensive human resource (HR) solutions such as recruitment, screening, and training
  • Research:  Intelligence for decision-level business and community leaders
  • Career Solutions:  Creative ways to help job seekers quickly know their skills, improve their skills, and get a better job than what they had before.
  • Regional Leadership:  Coalitions that integrate economic and workforce development resources across local geographies to transform the regional economy for the future