Scholastic makes long-term commitment in Neosho

Scholastic and the Neosho Area Business and Industrial Foundation, Inc. (GROW NEOSHO) announced Friday that Scholastic, Inc. extended the lease of their Neosho facility through July of 2022 according to a press release from GROW NEOSHO summarized by the Joplin Regional Business Journal. Scholastic’s Neosho facility employs more than 500 people during peak season and has used the facility on Howard Bush Drive since 2008.

“Neosho has been a good fit for Scholastic”, said Steve Marble, Vice-President for Customer Service. “Our partnership with GROW NEOSHO and use of their “Spec” building has provided Scholastic with a quality facility and access to a productive workforce.”

“In addition to being a major employer, Scholastic has been a strong supporter of Neosho and Newton County schools”, said Michael Franks, CEO of GROW NEOSHO. “They have continued to supply valuable educational materials to local schools as a part of their overall corporate commitment to education.”

“GROW NEOSHO believes that our “Spec” building has proven to be a valuable job producing asset for both Neosho and Scholastic”, Franks continued . “We are very appreciative of Scholastic’s commitment to Neosho and Newton County.”

Businesses commonly cite the same main reasons for relocating. The ability to secure a skilled workforce, upgrade facilities and/or equipment, lower costs and increase the quality of life more often than not are a company’s deciding factors. At the heart of Newton County, Neosho is also contained within the nation’s first-ever metro area to be certified by ACT as a Work Ready Community.