Public Notice: One-Stop Operator Procurement

Important Update August 10:  With DWD’s Functional Leader policy update now official, the WIB has posted the RFPs online with links from our Notices page.

Important Update July 29: The RFP for One-Stop Operator will be delayed until the official release of MO-DWD Issuance 2016-01 governing the Functional Leader components that the WIB plans to include in the One-Stop Operator contract. DWD anticipates this issuance will be finalized in early August.  

Original Posting June 30th:  Pursuant to the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act, the Workforce Investment Board of the Southwest Region, Inc. gives official notice of its intent to procure a one-stop operator.  The provision is contained within the region’s WIOA Plan, posted for public comment on May 19th and approved by the Board on June 21st.  The language is as follows from Section 10-A.

  • Initial implementation of the Next Generation Career Center model included a contracting approach heavily advocated by DWD to utilize leased staffing for the required firewalls to separate the WIB from one-stop/program operations
    • WIB seeks to retain this contracting model as the most cost-effective manner to reduce operational overhead
  • WIB adjusting contract periods to coincide with federal fiscal year to improve funding stability at start of contracts and to prevent disruption in the event that new operators or contractors
  • Desired evaluation criteria for the one-stop operator bids
    • Format and Completeness: Points may be deducted if the proposal submitted does not follow the prescribed format or if other forms are not satisfactorily completed.
    • Qualifications of Proposed One Stop Operator: If Staffing has been determined, provide the qualifications including Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities of the person who will perform the duties of the One Stop Operator.
    • Previous WIOA or Related Experience: Describe all experience you have related to the WIA, WIOA, or other federal or state programs and legislation.
    • Qualification for Staff Management: Explain any qualifications you have regarding supervision, hiring, performance evaluations of employees.
    • Compliance/Quality Assurance Experience: Detail all experience relating to monitoring, auditing, reviewing of federal, state, or local laws and regulations.
    • Capacity to serve as the primary Community/Partner Liaison: Outline the connection to the communities within the Southwest Workforce Development Area in collaboration with the Joplin Regional Partnership.
    • Customer Service: Outline of Business, Job Seeker, and Youth Services
    • Budget: Adhere to proposal requirements and demonstrate alignment of budgeting with WIB priorities

The WIB intends to release a Request for Proposals in August on its notices page. The target date for the board to approve a competitive proposal is September 13th for a contract start date of October 1, 2016. Questions may be directed to Jasen Jones at the WIB.