OneJoplin grows skill strategies to cut poverty

One JoplinLocal non-profit organizations working together under the network of OneJoplin expanded their mission to boost literacy and workforce skills to help those in need overcome poverty.  This move builds on the visionary goals of OneJoplin to create a culture where people want to live/be, as a community of choice where everyone has an opportunity to thrive, and as a community of neighbors that take care of each other.

The Wave 2 inclusion of workforce skill literacy for OneJoplin comes after a half-day meeting of community leaders June 7th and a day-long planning retreat of the steering committee that followed.  The collective revised a vision timeline known as Joplin of Your Dreams with several goals related to literacy and workforce skills.

  • One-Stop family resource center open in 2017
  • 80% of Joplin’s workforce has a post-secondary credential by 2018
  • 95-99% high school graduation rate by 2020
  • Every high school grad has a realistic next step pathway (job, training, military, etc.) by 2020
  • Decrease gaps between state average wage and local averages by 2020

Current work teams for OneJoplin include Health, Human Services, and Poverty.  The Health team focuses on decreasing the percent of obese adults, underage alcohol consumption, and poor mental health.  The Human Services team seeks to lower domestic violence, reduce child abuse and neglect, and improve teen sexual health.  The focus of the poverty team is to increase social capital and community connection, access to affordable housing, and employment availability.

To speak with someone about One Joplin, please reach out to one of the members of the Steering Team or contact Tonya Sprenkle at the Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce at 417-624-4150.  To see the list of steering committee members or explore additional information, visit