Local Workforce Plan 2020-2024 (Draft for Public Comment)

The WIB administers specific functions of the public workforce system, both community-based services and at the region’s job centers in Joplin and Monett. Both state and federal grant sources require an Integrated Workforce System Operations Plan that governs the use of resources for the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA) and the administration of the region’s job center locations. The local effort includes gathering trends and current initiatives to package with local policies designed to constantly improve the quality and efficiency of local workforce resources.

Per state and federal guidelines, the SW MO WIB published the region’s official WIOA Plan and related attachments below on February 4, 2020. The plan is in a thirty-day window for public comment. This window will close on March 5, 2020. Click here to ask questions or post comments about the local plan

WIOA Plan (Narrative)

Required Attachments

1. List of Comprehensive, Affiliate, Specialized and Other Centers and One Stop Operators

2. Local One-Stop Partner Information Form

3. Memorandum of Understanding with IFA and Cost Sharing Budgets with All Partner Signatures (Under Construction)

4. Sub-state Monitoring Plan and Policy

5. Chief Elected Officials Consortium Agreement (optional), membership and bylaws

6. Local Workforce Development Board Membership List, Standing Committees, & Certification Letter

7A. Local Workforce Development Board By-Laws

7B. Attestation Form

8. Conflict of Interest Policy – Local Workforce Development Board, Staff, and Contracted Staff

9. Local Fiscal Agent

10. Financial Procurement Policy / Financial (General) Policy

11. Planning Budget Summaries (PBS) {Under Construction}

12. Complaints and Grievance Policy – Nondiscrimination, Programmatic

13. Supportive Services Policy – General, Needs Related Payments Policy for ADLT and DW

14. Adult Employment and Training Policy (Priority of Service Policy)

15. Expenditure Rates and Training Criteria Policy (ADLT & DW)

16. Youth Barriers Eligibility Policy – OSY ISY additional assistance barrier

17A. Youth Incentive Payment Policy

17B. Youth Monitoring of Stand Alone Programs Policy (Part of Sub-State Monitoring Policy)

18. Veterans Priority of Service Policy

19. Basic Skills Assessments (Testing) Policy

20. Individual Training Account (ITA) Policy & Eligibility Policy (Individualized Career Services)

21. Accessibility Policy – Persons with Disabilities

22. Accessibility Policy – Persons with Limited English Proficiency

23. Integration of Services Policy (Co-enrollment Policy)

24. Adult Education and Literacy Policy (AEL Policy)*

25. VR/RSB Coordination Policy

26.Youth Apprenticeships Policy

27. ETPL Policy

28. (DW) Employment Transition Team Policy

29. Business Services Plan and Policy

30. MOU (Cooperative Agreement ) between the Community College & LWDB (Under Construction)

31.Incumbent Worker Policy

32. Non Applicable to Region

33. Statement of Assurances

34. Negotiated Performance

35. Public Comment Process

Planning Budget Summary PY 2020