Impact and performance of the Workforce System: February 2017

The WIB routinely publishes performance indicators on customers served, NCRCs, and impact on employment, retention, wages, and credentials for customers.

NCRCs by County

The overall percentage of goal attainment reflects NCRCs for emerging workers (students), current and transitioning workers, as well as supporting employers.  Results are posted up to January 31, 2017.  Goals in green are fully met for that county’s category.  All but Dade and Jasper Counties are currently in re-certification phase.  Monthly progress for each county may be tracked with the mapping tool at

Chart indicating N.C.R.C. by county

Customers Served and Total NCRCs by County

Customers served by county covers the period of July 2016 to present.  NCRCs awarded reflects 2006 to January 31, 2017.

Chart indicating customers served and N.C.R.C.s by county

WIOA Program Performance

All individual metrics scoring 80% or higher are judged as meeting the mandated workforce system performance established for Southwest Missouri by state and federal authorities in negotiation with the WIB.  Due to system limitations in year one of WIOA, Adult and Dislocated Worker Credential rates are unavailable.  Period is July 2016 to present.

Chart indicating the W.I.O.A. measures percentages and earnings by categories