From Neal Ball-The Alliance of Southwest Missouri

WIB Response is in ITALICS


The Alliance of Southwest Missouri is considering a response to your Staffing Contract RFP.
As specified in the RFP, we contacted the current provider Preferred Family Healthcare with some specific questions and found them to be quite helpful in explaining certain items stated in the proposal and generous in their praise of their relationship with the WIB over the years.
However, from this discussion, we are writing you to ensure that we have an understanding regarding the amounts as specified in the proposal:
The Scope of Work states, “Expectation is to retain current staff in the following positions at current wage: o One AD/DW Program Coordinator o One Youth Program Coordinator o Six Adult/DW Case Managers o Admin Assistant o Three Youth Case Managers o One (Half Time) Welcome/Support Staff o One (FT) Welcome/Support Staff o One Job Development/Specialist • Total staff wages and benefits $489,490.”  The total award not to exceed $542,228.
It was indicated to us that the $489,490 was for straight wages and did not include any benefits.  Payroll taxes, employee health insurance, Workers Compensation premiums, travel, conference and training costs, other insurance, retirement match, and any other costs associated with payroll and benefits would be over and above the $489,490.  Can you please tell us which of this is correct?
Your assistance in clarifying this matter is greatly appreciated and most helpful in our efforts.
Thank you for your consideration.
WIB Response to Neal Ball

The Current WIOA Adult, Dislocated and Youth Staff wages for the positions listed (below) in the RFP is budgeted at $480,001.00.

  • One AD/DW Program Coordinator
  • One Youth Program Coordinator
  • Six Adult/DW Case Managers
  • Admin Assistant
  • Three Youth Case Managers
  • One (Half Time) Welcome/Support Staff
  • One (FT) Welcome/Support Staff
  • One Job Development/Specialist


This amount includes wages, FICA, UI, WC, Health, Life and 401K. This amount does not include:  Travel, Admin, Conferences etc.

The RFP states the bid for staff wages and benefits should not exceed $489,490.

The WIB anticipates overall costs of this contract to not exceed $542,228 annually, but bidder should prepare a budget of anticipated expenses for salary, fringe, travel, professional development, etc.