WIB Benchmarking re-booted for WIOA

Insight Benchmarking for Success graphicMissouri’s WIB Benchmarking initiative turns ten years old in 2016, but the concepts are as relevant now more than ever.  Many of the original innovative concepts championed in the benchmarking effort are now reflected in the new WIOA legislation (Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act).  WIOA governs the public workforce system for more than 500 local workforce development boards.

Promoting the success and generating further momentum is only possible with an effective way to measure the performance of the WIB. The Missouri Division of Workforce Development and the Corporation for Skilled Workforce selected the Southwest WIB among four leading-edge WIBs in Missouri for the national quality benchmarking project. This was the first-ever national body of research into the common characteristics of the most successful workforce boards across the country.

Southwest Missouri’s Workforce Innovation Board leans on the benchmarking framework to help new board members understand what makes a local WIB create a positive impact for the region.  While the array of federal and state programs and regulations can be daunting, the benchmarking standards help the WIB focus on the bigger picture of the key opportunities and outputs for the WIB.