Photograph of a compass pointing NorthGuiding principles that support our mission are engagement, innovation, leadership, accountability, and focus. The WIB’s official Strategic Business Plan further defines those principles and translates our goals into action for regional prosperity.


The WIB leverages its ability to communicate the roles, expectations, and influence of relevant parties so that the employment and training system is promoted and used in ways to benefit the regional economy


The WIB desires a high-level of awareness to be known as a well-respected workforce authority and major player in business development.


As a broker of labor market intelligence, the WIB interprets trends and targets strategy to meet business needs and enhance sectors that create the most economic impact.


In a constantly-changing economy, the WIB must be on the cutting edge in its field. Local, state, and national recognition of our innovation is a positive measure of the WIB’s success.


The WIB exercises fiscal stewardship and strives for return on investment in the portfolio of resources it oversees for workforce development. Well-defined and established outcomes demonstrate that the system is working.

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