Diving in to WIOA

Diving-in-to-WIOAExcited to embrace and implement the Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act (WIOA), five local WIBs in Missouri are pleased to co-sponsor a workshop July 30-31 titled Diving In to WIOA. Featured presenter is the ever-popular workforce guru, Rochelle Daniels. The day-and-a-half workshop in Branson covers the following.

  • The implementation schedule for WIOA
  • The Governor’s new and expanded responsibilities and authorities
  • How regionalization will be implemented across the country
  • What do new state and local boards look like
  • The role of the state workforce board as compared to the role of the local board
  • The amplified breadth of state and local plans
  • Designation of local areas – this is not the more things change the more they stay the same
  • Designation of one-stop operators
  • Hints and possibilities for Integration
  • Core Programs
  • New one-stop partners – where have the old partners gone?
  • Paying for the one-stop infrastructure
  • The governor’s ability to exclude legislated one-stop partners
  • Adult and dislocated worker changes
  • New training options and better local input into selection and termination
  • How are Youth programs and eligibility changing for the better
  • Performance ~ Performance ~ Performance and how it will change how you operate your systems
  • The new required reports and penalties imposed on the states for non-compliance
  • Beginning Transition

This workshop is co-sponsored through a partnership of proactive local Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs) in the Central, Ozark, South Central, Southeast, and Southwest regions. Gain leading-edge perspectives that can help your WIB’s leadership be prepared for the public comment period on regulations proposed by the U.S. Department of Labor for implementation of WIOA.

The rustic and scenic Big Cedar Lodge near Branson serves as the backdrop for this important event and registration is limited to 75 attendees. Cost to participate is only $125 and includes workshop materials and two meals during the event. Participants may choose to commute daily or secure lodging on their own.

Registration is now open online

More About Rochelle

Rochelle Daniels is an attorney and consultant who specializes in and is considered an expert in the area of workforce development systems. She has over twenty five years of experience providing training, consulting with localities, states, organized labor, USDOL and one-stop systems, facilitating and writing strategic plans, including state and local plans, negotiating audit and monitoring resolution with states and the federal government, conducting studies, advising in the area of and developing human resources materials, grant writing, program management, research, and providing advice and counsel in the area of board management, advocacy, legislative initiatives, and organizational management and the program implementation aspects of workforce development funding streams and programs.

Rochelle Daniels has provided training on all the various aspects of workforce development. She has developed policies and acted as an advisor to CEO’s, delivered workshops for the USDOL, the National Association of Counties, the National Association of Workforce Boards, State Associations and individual workforce boards and their providers. Ms Daniels has conducted several national Webinars on subjects like the common measures, fperformance, ee for service, OJT and youth. She has also assisted local areas in the development of program requests for proposals, program-monitoring instruments, drafting of contract boilerplate and work statements and developing successful program designs.

Rochelle Daniels serves as counsel to and is a member of the management team for the Broward County, Florida, Regional Workforce Board. This unique combination of experience has provided her with an understanding of what makes an outstanding administrative and management system, the components of programs which excel, and what is required to meet the needs of a diverse community while maintaining an emphasis on quality and performance.

Nationally Rochelle Daniels has served on the boards of various public interest groups and is currently a member of the National Workforce Association and the Workforce Development Council of the US Conference of Mayors. As a board member she works on legislative issues important to the workforce system.