Two figures shaking hands on top of two puzzle pieces fit together Special projects and initiatives represent how WIB strategies are executed to benefit customers and stakeholders throughout the region.  Brief descriptions of WIB initiatives are listed below along with links for more information.

SectorReady:  Strengthens the region’s workforce through:  Career pathways to expand recruitment and job advancement of students and transitioning adults; Entry level and intermediate credentials to certify high-demand skills; and Innovative training with a high-impact, high-volume, and lower-cost approach. Visit SectorReady online to learn more about how SectorReady™ can help employers, educators, and community leaders to strengthen the region’s workforce and economic vitality.  Contact Frank Neely at the WIB for more info.

Certified Work Ready Communities:  Help your businesses find the right employees the first time. Help you citizens prove their skills and get ahead of the line. Help your community better compete for new jobs and prosperity.

Joplin Regional Prosperity Initiative:  Nearly a year after the disaster that struck the cities of Joplin and Duquesne, leaders are focused on recovery and economic development actions for the entire region.  Very powerful Talent Development strategies are included with the WIB’s participation in JRP.

Disaster Recovery Jobs Program:  The WIB’s direct response to the May 2011 tornado was geared toward helping workers displaced by the storm, providing temporary labor to help in cleanup and humanitarian efforts, and encouraging workers to stay in the region as businesses re-open and the regional grows from the positive effects of recovery.

JobFest:  The region’s largest hiring and resource fair with hundreds of job seekers, dozens of employers, and participation by major sponsors and news media.

On-the-Job Training:  Special grants to help job candidates gain experience and skills much more quickly than typical methods by providing incentives for employers to hire and train eligible workers.

EmployerLink:  Monthly networking and informational luncheon of employers and stakeholders in the area of Barry and Lawrence Counties.

FutureLink:  Workforce services and events geared to eligible youth ages 16 to 21 to obtain employment through work experience and help them to improve their academic skills to successfully move from school to work.

State Parks Youth Corps:  Summer job opportunities for local youth working in the state parks at Cassville, Liberal, and Lamar.  The program helps invigorate these key recreational resources for the region while instilling work ethic and transferable skills to participants (program currently discontinued).