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Schools, employers, and community economic development leaders are ready to revolutionize the region’s workforce, but we need more employers’ involvement and guidance to get it right.   Please take a few moments to complete our survey and consider joining forces with us to launch new career pathways and credentials.

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New Training Models Fill Gaps in Skills

Like many vibrant economic regions nationwide, Joplin faces shortages of qualified job candidates to meet demand.  Employers, educators, workforce specialists, and economic developers are joining forces to fill gaps in the pools of entry-level job candidates.  Short-term strategies emphasize real-time, on-demand training and user-friendly credentialing solutions as part of the new SectorReady™ framework. Planners with the WIB and Joplin Regional Partnership drafted a prospectus to launch a Principles Training series to help meet the needs of regional employers.  Read More >

What is SectorReady?

A new three-minute video posted by the WIB provides a quick overview of SectorReady. The clip is a video-scribe of the features of career pathways and sector partnerships. The SectorReady framework in 2016 is set to revolutionize the methods by which students and transitioning adults learn about job opportunities and how to get the skills needed to enter a lifelong career. For employers, SectorReady helps streamline the recruitment of  candidates through new credentials and helps improve the retention  of new hires through pathways. Learn more about SectorReady online. Contact Frank Neely at the WIB for additional information.




SectorReady Toolkit CoverThe 2015 Heartland Workforce Summit marked the official launch of the SectorReady™ Toolkit 1.0. Powered by the WIB and the Joplin Regional Partnership, the toolkit reflects the region’s framework development and research in 2014-2015 for a robust array of career pathway and sector partnership resources. The SectorReady™ framework strengthens the region’s workforce through:

  • Career pathways to expand recruitment and job advancement of students and transitioning adults
  • Entry level and intermediate credentials to certify high-demand skills
  • Innovative training with a high-impact, high-volume, and lower-cost approach

The toolkit opens with an executive summary to introduce the SectorReady™ model along with a logic model matrix demonstrating key workforce challenges, solutions, inputs, outputs, outcomes, and end-goals aligned with the region’s workforce/economic development strategies. The research section covers job growth trends in the region’s current targeted industry sectors along with characteristics of current employment demand and work readiness credentialing.

The second half of the toolkit covers an implementation framework for the SectorReady™ model. The 6 P’s approach simplifies the introduction and adoption of the framework customized to the strengths and opportunities for the greater Joplin labor market.

For more information, contact Frank Neely at the WIB. Follow the latest developments on SectorReady™ by checking out these related articles online.